Sam Domingo

Samantha spent 20 years within the Scientology organisation, before finally quitting in 2009. When she began to speak out against its abuses her ex-husband, Placido Domingo Jr., was pressured to “disconnect” from her. He was instructed to communicate with their three daughters only via an attorney. He refused and instead quit the organisation.

When in she fell pregnant and was pressured into having an abortion “for the greater good”. She says “Now I just want to see the Church of Scientology crumble. It is a cancer, rotten to the core. It was all a big con.”

Her story in The Sun: Scientology cult ordered me to have an abortion

  1. irene trenier says:

    i am trying to contact samantha domingo could she please be so kind as to make contact with me thank you

  2. Alanzo says:

    This is a very interesting speech by Samantha.

    I wonder what she would say about this speech today.


    • Sam Freeman says:

      I would say take it the fuck down off Pete Griffiths’ website because I no-longer wish to be associated with scum. And yeah – the Indie shit is hilarious looking back 😀

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