Stephen Jones

Recruited at a low point in his life and seduced by the promise of spiritual immortality, Stephen Jones signed a one billion year contract and joined the elite Sea Organization in 1986. Removed from the outside world he worked in the unit responsible for the day-to-day management of the UK’s Scientology churches, but left after becoming disenchanted with the chaotic and absurd nature of the organization.

However, he had been hooked and stayed in the church as a public member, and attempted to ascend ‘The Bridge to Total Freedom’, while paying for the privilege. After spending nearly £100,000 and 22 years in the church, he came to realise that the Church of Scientology was a cult and that Scientology did not work as advertised. Further, that he had been mentally manipulated, abused and conned. When he left, the church’s legal department attempted to coerce him into silence regarding his experiences. He refused and has been commenting on the abusive nature of this cult ever since.

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