This website has been created by ex-members, Independent Scientologists, critics and family members of those who have been affected by the Scientology organisation.

Our main purpose behind creating this website is to share our information and experiences with those still involved with the Scientology organisation, particularly those who are considering leaving the organisation in the UK. We will not judge or be prejudicial towards you – our goal is to simply give accurate information that can be digested in your own time.

It is our hope that this website will be continuously developed to offer the latest information, and also to act as a hub where support services for those who need it will be available.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have bravely stood up to the Church of Scientology over the years to share both their information and their experiences – in some cases at great personal cost and pain. What you have shared has helped, and continues to help, others who have been affected by this organisation. We hope that we can do your contributions justice.

With respect

Pete Griffiths
(+00 353) 863703811

  1. Charles Morgenstern says:

    I was at St. Hill between 1975/6 and till september 1977.I had 2 course supervisors on Foundation org gI really liked,a husband and wife team,Steve and Rosalynn BISBEE or BISBEY.
    Im pretty sure Steve left and,like myself,was declared SP.Have you ever heard from Ros or Steve??

  2. pedrofcuk says:

    Hi Charles, sorry for the delay in replying, no excuses! The name seems familiar but I don’t remember them specifically. I’ll ask around for you. Steve is on the 1992 SP list whereas you appear to have escaped that listing.

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