Pete Griffiths

Griffiths ran a mission in Cumbria, in northern England, even winning the birthday game (a competition between missions for highest recruitment and sales) for his division. His weekly figures eventually petered out. When he moved to Westport in 1998 he had planned to return to Scientology once his children were grown and he could better afford it.

It wasn’t until he heard of a protest in 2008 that he looked into Scientology online and had a “penny-dropping moment”. He says: “From 1987 to 2008 the thought control was all in place. Then a lengthy unravelling process began. I got so angry that I burned any Scientology stuff I had lying around in a bonfire. I couldn’t look at it any more. The sense of betrayal is just incredible. The clues are all there, but you don’t see them.”

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I walking along the street, minding my own business, when a girl in a doorway, asked me if I’d like to do a free personality test. I answered, “I was coming here anyway to get my wife, I was just going to get a coffee first.” She then said, “Oh you must be Sandra’s husband! Come on in, do the test and we’ll give you a cup of coffee.”

She was right. I was there just to collect my wife and had absolutely no interest in whatever they were peddling. I was slightly intrigued however, wondering if they could analyse my psyche for real. I went and answered the 200 question Oxford Capacity Analysis, which has nothing whatsoever to do with Oxford University, just using the name to disguise the fraudulent test under a cloak of respectability, but I didn’t know that at the time as I sipped my free coffee.

My results came through in the form of a graph covering ten personality traits, marked A through to J. To my horror I was told that I was the not the stable, happy, confident person that I thought I was. Instead I was unstable, depressed and nervous and a few other negative traits as well but it was all alright because Dianetics would handle all these problems.

I had actually read the book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard as my brother had suggested I do so I was familiar with what the girl was trying to push.

It didn’t take much persuasion in the face of such convincing results that I could improve on the sad case that I was and be a better person all round so I signed up for the Introductory Auditing. I spent the mortgage payment to pay for it but I was assured that once the barriers to my success were removed, with Dianetics, I would make as much money as I wanted, almost at will.

I found out later that nothing of the sort happened and that the test is actually a sales tool designed to make a person feel vulnerable and suggestible or as in my case wanting to improve themselves in order to do better in life.

I had some success with the auditing techniques and came out of the session feeling happier and somehow lighter and over the next few weeks, along with my wife, we bought and completed more courses until eventually we were approached to join staff. It would mean leaving our jobs and moving across the country but we would help to “Clear” the planet, to rid man of his Reactive MInd and thereby bring about a “world without insanity, crime and war,” the stated aims of Scientology. Oh, I forgot to mention, at some point it changed from Dianetics to Scientology. I had heard it was some of cult but it seemed to work and my brother and wife were doing it and everyone was so friendly and nice.

I was promised £200 a week and so we joined staff. I was sent right away to the UK headquarters at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex for executive training. I received no pay at all for the first 6 weeks and finally I sent £8. We were in the process of selling our house and when this went through we used the proceeds to live and get by because it was clear that the organisation, org for short, wasn’t going to be sending anything. This should have been enough to start the red flags waving but it didn’t. The one thing Scientology does it shut down your ability to think critically of Scientology. It works and that’s that. We are helping mankind by clearing the planet, yes, there will be sacrifices.

Three years later we escaped from the organisation, my wife pregnant, a baby daughter with us and we were practically starving. I don’t think I made £200 in the entire 3 years.

Even though we had seen how ludicrous the whole set up is, as we couldn’t provide for ourselves with the meagre income and it was obvious that the public did not want what we were offering, we still had faith in the subject and so I began running a mission to promote Scientology.

For the first 4 years everything went reasonably well. We sold books and courses. People got interested in the subject. It was a ride.

It didn’t last however. Scientology is run by statistics and you have to keep your stats up at all costs.

Example: if you sell 5 books in one given week, you have to sell 6 the following week, and 7 the week after, and so on. It is a crazy way to run any operation but Hubbard’s word was gospel and his administrative policies supposedly workable like nothing ever before seen on Earth. And books is only one statistic, there’s also, new people in, people started on a course, gross income and on and on, all in all the mission was monitored by over 20 major statistics and many other smaller ones. I just gave up.

I got a visit from the Scientology Missions Representative and the mission was taken off me and transferred to someone else.

That was me free of the cult. Or so I thought.

During my 7 years in the cult I had received a lot of executive training and could see that many things that were done were against the policies written by L. Ron Hubbard. I mentioned a few of these but was shot down in flames for allegedly trying to sabotage what was successful, even though the policy said otherwise. No amount of protesting and showing the correct way to do things had any effect on those in charge.

Some people ask, why didn’t you just leave? There is tremendous psychological pressure put on members to stay. Leaving condemns you to an eternity of horror, no hope ever, no contact with loved ones in the cult, the danger of being declared a Suppressive Person, the cult’s demonic bad guys. Anyone against them is an SP or Suppressive Person and that is the lowest of the low, beneath contempt, a degraded being, scum. There is even Scientology writings that suggest that some people ought to be quarantined from the rest of society and processed using Scientology techniques and if they don’t improve, they are to be disposed of “quietly and without sorrow.”

This included the sick, handicapped and anyone in the LGBTQ spectrum as well as countless others.

In February 2008 worldwide protests began against the Scientology organisation and I was horrified because the Scientologists were the good guys, saving Mankind, clearing the planet, struggling against oppressive odds to bring sanity to a mad world. Even though 14 years had gone by since I left the cult, I still had the mindset.

And then I began to research online and discover the truth about this criminal racket, masquerading as a religion, hiding behind numerous front groups as it tries to infiltrate every level of society and replace it all with Hubbard’s way of doing things. He even wrote advice on how to clean windows and feed babies. Everything he has said about himself turned out to be a lie. Everything. His biography was pure fantasy. Eventually I reached the conclusion after months of jaw-dropping revelations and facing up to the fact that I had been conned that it was all a fraud, a very elaborate and clever scam, designed just to get money out of people and to deify L. Ron Hubbard.

I campaign against this cult because they are the worst of the lot in term of abusing a person’s health, sanity, finances, emotional state, spirituality, family and social networks. I feel guilty about those that I got into Scientology and wish to make some amends as well as warn others about the very real dangers.

L. Ron Hubbard craved acceptance and respectability and his plan to get high-profile celebrities into his cult was established in the 1950s and continues today. The difference today is that we have the internet and google and we have access to information that was not available in the past. Is Tom Cruise crazy? I don’t know. Google, Tom Cruise crazy and see what you get.

Their activities in Ireland are quite pathetic when compared to the UK or the USA or Australia, however they are no less dangerous as their existence in Middle Abbey Street and the fact that their purpose is to recruit new members makes them a danger to Irish society.

” Scientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its practice is a serious threat to the community, medically, morally, and socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded and often mentally ill… (Scientology is) the world’s largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy.”

–Justice Anderson, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia

  1. Alex Bailes says:

    Why do you think that they are not being prosecuted? There seems to be so many laws broken? Obtaining money by deception to be the first!

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