Scientology initially began its life under the title of ‘Dianetics’, a pseudo-science of mental health developed (or rather plagiarised) by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. In April 1950 Hubbard and his compatriots founded the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation in New Jersey, and the first appearance of Dianetics in print was in May 1950, in the pages of ‘Astounding Science Fiction’ magazine. The book ‘Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health’ (sometimes shortened to DMSMH) followed in that same month.

Dianetics appears to be a curious mix of Freudian psychoanalysis, Jungian psychology and an unhealthy dose of Hubbard’s own ramblings. Hubbard was insistent that his ideas were scientific. From page 92 of DMSMH, 2007 version:

”This is not theory. This is scientific fact. It is strictly test tube.”

The central idea of Dianetics is that traumatic memories, which Hubbard dubbed ‘engrams’, are the source of many of the problems which affect us today. It was a sort of ‘non-germ’ theory of disease. The extent of Hubbard’s health claims can be seen in DMSMH, this extract taken from page 113:

”Arthritis, dermatitis, allergies, asthma, some coronary difficulties, eye trouble, bursitis, ulcers, sinusitis, etc., form a very small section of the psychosomatic catalog. Bizarre aches and pains in various portions of the body are generally psychosomatic. Migraine headaches are psychosomatic and, with the others, are uniformly cured by Dianetic therapy. (And the word cured is used in its fullest sense.)”

Transition From A Science

Business was certainly booming for Hubbard with the release of his DMSMH book, and it climbed the bestseller lists. But it seems that performing actions that amount to practicing medicine without a license is illegal. Who knew? In the early part of 1953 the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation was bankrupted due to being sued by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners. In December of that same year, in a complete coincidence that surely had nothing whatsoever to do with this setback, Hubbard established the first Church of Scientology in New Jersey.

There is some compelling evidence that Hubbard wasn’t being entirely honest about his new-found religious sensibilities. The best such example is from early editions of the book ‘The Creation of Human Ability’, which contains the following quote on page 251:

”Scientology has opened the gates to a better world. It is not a psycho-therapy nor a religion.”

That quote was mysteriously removed from all post-1974 editions. Wonder why? The idea of using religious claims to gain advantages was certainly not lost on Hubbard. An illustration of this is seen inHCOPL 29 Oct. 1962:

”Scientology 1970 is being planned on a religious organization basis throughout the world. This will not upset in any way the usual activities of any organization. It is entirely a matter for accountants and solicitors.”

The above HCOPL was edited in the 1991 republishing of green volumes to remove that quote. Wonder why? And thus the transition from being a (pseudo) science was complete.


At its core Dianetics posits that traumatic memories, dubbed ‘engrams’ by Hubbard, lead to the problems we have today. It rests on these key premises:

* The human brain is composed of two segments, the analytical mind and the reactive mind.
All perceptions/sensations are recorded by the human mind, and such recordings are split between the reactive mind and the analytical mind.
* The analytical mind is perfect.
* The reactive mind is crap, and is utterly incapable of differentiating things.
* When a person is subjected to pain/trauma or is unconscious the analytical mind shuts down, and only the reactive mind is active.
* Memories stored in the reactive mind can become restimulated, causing a person to behave irrationally.

Acquiring Engrams

Suppose you were hit by a car, and on impact the car horn went off. Due to this pain your reactive mind will kick in and begin recording all the sounds, smells and sensations in the vicinity. Later, after you have recovered, hearing sounds similar to those of the accident scene or smelling smells that are similar or seeing a car that is similar may be sufficient to cause your reactive mind to kick in again. According to Hubbard, the reactive mind would associate those sensations with the pain experienced during the accident. If the sensations are enough to restimulate the engram stored in the reactive mind then the person may experience the fear they felt during the accident and/or they may start aching as if they were injured during the accident.

Hubbard’s contention is that many of the problems we have are due to engrams getting restimulated in this manner, and such engrams are acquired during these moments of pain/trauma/unconsciousness.

Dianetic Auditing

Riddled to the gills with engrams? Well have no fear, because Hubbard also invented a way to remove the charge from these engrams – dianetic auditing. The idea is that a person can be made to relive a moment of trauma and have that memory re-filed properly. Getting rid of all one’s engrams is called ‘going clear’. According to Hubbard the goal of Dianetics is to produce ‘clears’, which are people who are no longer affected by their reactive minds. Here are the basic steps involved in Dianetic auditing, taken from page 54-55 of the 1988 version of the Hubbard Dianetics Auditor course:

Auditing Procedure
*Step One. Assure preclear he will know everything that happens. The session is done with you and your preclear seated across from each other. In the first step you assure the preclear about what will occur during the session. You can tell the preclear the following: “Look at the ceiling. When I count from one to seven your eyes will close. You will remain aware of everything which goes on. You will be able to remember everything that happens here. You can pull yourself out of anything which you get into if you don’t like it.”

*Step Two.’ Count until he closes his eyes. Count slowly and soothingly from 1 to 7. “All right: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.” When the preclear’s eyes close and you notice his eyelids flicker, finish counting and go on to Step Three.

*Step Three.’ Install the canceler. Tell the preclear, “In the future, when I utter the word ‘canceled,’ everything I have said to you while you are in a therapy session will be canceled and will have no force with you. Any suggestion I have made to you will be without force when I say the word ‘canceled.’ Do you understand?” Make sure the preclear understands this.

*Step Four.’ Return the preclear to a period in the past. Tell the preclear you will begin by running an incident from his past that the preclear feels he can comfortably face. You can say something like: “•We’re going to find an incident in your life of which you have an exact record. Then by sending you through it at the moment it happened several times we’re going to reduce it.” Next, tell the preclear, “Locate an incident that you feel you can comfortably face.” When he has located one, tell him, “Go to the beginning of that incident.”

*Step Five: Work with the file clerk to get data. After you have returned the preclear to the incident, have him recount the incident from beginning to end (while returned to it in reverie), picking up all the somatics and perceptics present just as though the incident were happening at that moment. It is very important that the preclear recount the incident though it were happening at that moment, and not simply as a memory of something that happened in the past. You can say, “Go through the incident and say what is happening as you go along.”

*Step Six A.’ Reduce the incident. Have the preclear go back to the beginning of the incident again and recount it. You can use a command such as: “Go back to the beginning and go over it. Pick up whatever additional data you can contact.” Ask additional questions as needed to help the preclear recover more of the incident. Questions such as: “What do you see?” or “What do you hear?” etc. can be asked to help the preclear. Help the preclear to move through the incident as needed by using the word “continue.” Repeat this step again and again, each time telling the preclear to go back to the beginning of the incident and to go through it to the end. Continue to run the incident until the preclear is cheerful (tone 4) about it. When the preclear is cheerful about running that incident go on to Step Six B.

*Step Six B: Locate the next incident to run. Choose another incident that the preclear feels he can now comfortably face. “Let’s find another incident that you feel you can comfortably face.” Return the preclear to this new incident and audit it by continuing the procedure with Step Five followed by Step Six A. Run the preclear through the incident as many times as it takes to bring the preclear to a point where he is cheerful (tone 4) about it. Then, choose another incident to audit using the procedure as described above. Keep finding and auditing incidents on your preclear until the time allotted for the session is up. NOTE: If the preclear does not seem to be able to uncover any more about an incident despite many recountings and he is not becoming more cheerful about it, then find out from the preclear, “Is there an earlier incident similar to the one we are auditing?” If so, return the preclear to the earlier incident and continue with Steps Five and Six A. If the preclear cannot find an earlier incident put your hand out behind you and get assistance from your Supervisor.

*Step Seven: Bring the preclear to present time. Let the preclear know you will be ending the session shortly. Tell him “Come to present time.”

*Step Eight: Be sure the preclear is in present time. Ask the preclear, “Are you in present time?” Assure yourself that the preclear feels he actually is in present time.

* Step Nine: Give the preclear the canceler word. Tell the preclear, “Canceled.”

*Step Ten: Restore full awareness of the preclear’s surroundings. Tell the preclear, “When I count from five to one and snap my fingers you will feel alert. Five, four, three, two, one.” (Snap!) That is the complete procedure. If you encounter any difficulty at any time, put your hand out behind you and a Supervisor will assist you.

Any similarity between the above and the progressive relaxation technique for hypnotic induction, even down to the use of REM flicker to recognise the emergence of a trance state, are purely imaginary. The increased suggestibility of a person in such a state was even recognised by Hubbard – “Returning back down the track slightly increases the suggestibility of any person”, page 469 Science of Survival 2007 edition. But Hubbard says this isn’t hypnotism so it is all ok.

Tone Scale

A key concept of Dianetics is that of the ‘Tone Scale’, which was Hubbard’s attempt to assign precise numerical values to human emotions/conditions/feelings. When first introduced it ran from 0 (corresponding to death) to 4 (enthusiasm). These values, according to Hubbard, correspond to survivability with lower numbers representing a lower survival probability. The goal of auditing, therefore, is to raise the ‘tone’ of an individual by relieving the charge associated with their engrams.


Dianetics is entirely concerned with the physical ‘meat’ body. Scientology, at its simplest, can be considered Dianetics for the ‘spiritual’ body, and is little more than Dianetics with a few metaphysical concepts bolted on. The spiritual part of a person is dubbed their ‘thetan’, and per Hubbard this is where a person’s consciousness resides. Thetans are immortal spiritual beings that control ‘meat’ bodies. Hubbard expanded his tone scale (from +40 ‘serenity of beingness’ to -40 ‘total failure’) to incorporate this. Some tone scale values on this theme include -1.5 (controlling bodies), -2.2 (protecting bodies), -3 (approval from bodies), -4 (needing bodies), etc. So when the ‘meat’ body dies the thetan will attempt to get another one, which is the reincarnation aspect of Scientology.

Scientology auditing is quite similar to Dianetic auditing, with the one major difference being the introduction of the e-meter (a glorified wheatstone bridge). The e-meter passes a small electrical current through two tin cans which the person undergoing auditing holds in either hand. The e-meter contains a dial which registers changes in the electrical resistance of the person being audited. According to Hubbard those changes correspond to past memories, engrams and ‘implants’ (implants are essentially engrams that were given to a person intentionally for the purposes of controlling that person). When, through Dianetic auditing, a person has achieved the state of ‘clear’ (they have rid themselves of their reactive mind) they then have to work on clearing their thetan’s engrams. Because thetans are immortal spiritual beings their engrams span past lives and, as we shall see, some incredible space opera.

Concept Of A Thetan

In order to grasp the ‘logic’ behind Scientology space opera you need to first learn about Hubbard’s concept of a thetan. Thetans are not only immortal, but are also infinitely powerful and reside in what Hubbard called the ‘theta universe’. The problem is that thetans have forgotten this, and have thus become confined by the Matter Energy Space Time (MEST) universe. Hubbard wrote in his axioms of Scientology in Scientology:8-0 The Book of Basis 2007 edition, page 57:

AXIOM 1: Life is basically a Static.

DEFINITION: A Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and perceive.

AXIOM 2: The Static is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions.

AXIOM 3: Space, energy, objects, form and time are the result of considerations made and/or agreed upon or not by the Static, and are perceived solely because the Static considers that it can perceive them.

The key point to bear in mind here is that, per Hubbard, “Reality is the agreed-upon apparency of existence” (Scientology:8-0, page 60). In other words, the only reason things exist is because thetans agree such things exist. The only reason thetans are confined by MEST is because thetans agreed to be confined by MEST. The events that led to thetans forgetting their abilities, and how they got tricked into such agreements and/or accepting implants, is the basis of Scientology space opera.

Space Opera: Before The Current Universe

Hubbard, in HCOB 17th July 1963 titled ‘Errors In Running 3N’, put a date on the ‘time track’ (the total series of memories a thetan has) as follows:

The best current data on the length of the time track is estimated at about one trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion or less. The earliest date yet found is “The Story of Creation”, but an earlier incident is known to exist.

The ‘Story of Creation’ implant is dated to 70 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years ago.

Per HCOB 24th July 1963, ‘R3N Corrections’, from 40.7 trillion trillion trillion trillion years ago to 5.9 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years ago implants known as ‘The Black Thetan Goals’ were implanted. As described in HCOB 14th July 1963 titled ‘Routine 3N, Line Plots’, these were administered by trapping the thetan motionless and using the stone heads of ‘black thetans’ to spit energy at the trapped thetan. The patter involved cycling the set {accomplished, not accomplished, action, never action, goal, not goal}.

The concepts of ending, of dying and of being solid resulted from implants known as the ‘Bear Goals’, implanted by a race known as ‘The Brothers of the Bear’. This involved the use of a mechanical or live bear and electric sprays being used on thetans while in something akin to an amusement park, which contained a Ferris wheel and a single tunnel. The guardians of the park were present in the roller coaster cars. This occurred between 83 trillion trillion trillion years ago to 40.7 trillion trillion trillion years ago.

Somewhere around this time was the creation of gravity. The next implant in the series makes reference to planets, so the incident involving gravity must predate this. As this event involves death it is likely to have occurred after the ‘Bear Goals’. Per the lecture ‘What Is To Be Done On Course’ from the Philadelphia Doctorate Course (1st December 1952), this event involved a race known as the Arslycus, who enforced a ‘reincarnation slavery’. Their civilisation was build in space (there were no planets at this time due to being no gravity), and they forced slaves to work (one task being polishing the third row of bricks). Death was no escape as the Arslycus would trap the thetan, grow a new body for it and put the person back to work at the same job. One of the aspects of having a planetless civilisation is that there are no real limiting factors on size. And so the Arslycus civilisation grew and grew, becoming unfathomably big. One of the slaves had the idea of mass, and due to everybody agreeing with this consideration it became a fact. The effect of gravity on such a large civilisation was devastating, and “it blew to pieces and all broke up and everybody fell through the sky”. Thus you had gravity, and suns and planets began to form.

5.9 trillion trillion trillion years ago we have the ‘Invisible Picture Goals’, which involved brainwashing thetans by showing them pictures that alternate opposing ideas in sets of four. Such sets include {wake, never wake, sleep, never sleep}, {start, never start, end, never end} and {begin, never begin, stop, never stop}. The trick used is that the first picture in each firing is invisible, which “makes a “vacuum” for a picture and groups the bank” (bank being another term for reactive mind in this context). Per HCOB January 24th 1965, titled ‘R6 – EW’, “the probable purpose of the bank is to suppress all creating and destroying by aiming creation at evil and destruction at good. This apparently was to restrain all creation and destruction and so gives us the Mest Universe”.

Space Opera: The Current Universe

The earliest implants in this universe are from incident one. Hubbard gives very little detail about incident one, but from what he has written it seems to be a combination of loud snaps, cherubs and waves of light. After a cherub blows its horn a series of snaps occur, causing the cherub to fade. Blackness is then dumped on the thetan. This implant had the effect of instilling ‘to stop’, per OT3Auditing Section, Incident 1 LRH handwritten data.

A continuation of the Bear Goals, continuing until 319 trillion years ago by the descendants of The Brothers of the Bear known as the Hoipolloi, are the ‘Gorilla Goals’. There are very similar to the Bear Goals except that Gorillas are used instead of bears.

Feeling threatened by free thetans, a race known as the Helatrobans enacted on a campaign of brainwashing in order to weaken them (described in St. Hill Special Briefing Course number 296, ‘State of OT’). This race existed between 38.2 trillion years ago to 52 trillion years ago. At the centre of galaxies where clouds of radioactive material, and the Helatrobans figured out how to detach this material along a line of force. Using these materials to engulf a planet, distracting the occupants, the Helatrobans would then invade. One of the impacts of these actions was the planets would go into revolt rather than an orderly government. The goal of ‘to forget, to remember and to go away’ was implanted by these Helatrobus implants, as well as various concepts relating to heaven (HCOB May 11th 1963, ‘Routine 3 – Heaven’). The idea that thetans are treacherous was also implanted. The last goal of this implant is ‘to be in heaven’. Hubbard, in a note added to the above HCOB, emphasised that this was “based on over a thousand hours of research auditing, analyzing the facsimiles of the reactive mind, and with the help of a Mark V Electrometer. It is scientific research, and is not in any way based upon the mere opinion of the researcher.

Space Opera: Events Involving Our Solar System

Without doubt the most famous story from Scientology scripture is that involving the R6 implant. This event, most commonly known as ‘The Xenu Story’, is described in the tenth Class 8 lecture titled ‘Assists’. It concerns the supreme ruler Xenu, who ruled over 76 planets including earth (which was known as ‘teegeeack’ at the time). About to be unelected and suffering from a severe overpopulation problem, Xenu concocted a devious and brutal plan. Under the guise of income tax inspections, Xenu and his psychiatrists proceeded to capture the populace. Simply murdering them would have allowed their thetans to escape, so instead Xenu had them frozen with an alcohol/glycol mix. The frozen population were then boxed up in boxes and put into space planes which were the exact copies of DC8s. It took 9 weeks to fly to earth/teegeeack where Xenu then deposited the boxes around volcanoes. Using H bombs these volcanoes were then blown up. Note that this is the reason why DMSMH features a volcano on its front cover. The image of a volcano is supposed to restimulate the memory of this event, and compel the viewer to buy the book. Images from Space Opera have been frequently used on Scientology books. For example the 1971 edition of ‘Dianetics: Evolution of a Science’ used imagery of the boxes being placed into a space plane.

The H-bomb explosions caused the thetans to be released. But Xenu had set up an electric ribbon which, in conjunction with manufactured winds, trapped the thetans. The trapped thetans were then forced, for 36 days, into watching a super colossal three-d motion picture about god, the devil, space opera, the clearing course implant and OT2. Upon release these thetans attached themselves into clusters dubbed ‘body thetans’. These body thetans would then attach to other thetans, causing the R6 implants to have an effect on those thetans. The reason our world is the way it is owes itself to these R6 implants. We are acting out the memories contained within these body thetans. Wars, fashion, our cars, etc. are all due to these memories. Ridding oneself of body thetans involves trying to contact them in order to get them to ‘remember’ what they are (they have been brainwashed to forget). Achieving this will cause that cluster of body thetans to ‘blow’. As for Xenu, he was overthrown by the ‘loyal officers’ and is imprisoned to this day in a force shield powered by an eternal battery. The significance of OT3 to Scientology can be seen in this extract from the book ‘Mission Into Time’ 1973 edition, page 22:

A research accomplishment of immense magnitude, OT III has been called “The Wall of Fire.” Here are contained the secrets of a disaster which resulted in the decay of life as we know it in this sector of the galaxy. The end result of OT III is truly the stuff of which dreams are spun: the return of full self-determinism and complete freedom from overwhelm.

200,000 years ago plus or minus, according to HCOB 24th August 1963 titled ‘Routine 3N – The Train Goals – The Marcab Between Lives Implants’, the Marcab invasion force implants the ‘Train Goals’. The goals “to start”, “to stop” and “to change” are given on board a train. Disorientating commands are given in a train station, examples being ”you don’t know when this happened to you. We hate you. Get out. Don’t ever come back.” The effect of this implant is to give people the senses of being unable and being instantaneous. The Train Goals implant was preparation for the ‘Between Lives Implant’, which was administered at a later date, the intention of which was to completely wipe out the thetan’s memory of past lives. This implant also instils the thetan with imagery to make it seek out a new body, usually a baby. The Marcab Confederacy also imposed an oppressive system of income tax, memories of which are restimulated today to create modern income tax systems – described by Hubbard in St. Hill Special Briefing Course lecture number 320 titled ‘Auditing CommCycles’. As Hubbard said from that same lecture:

Now, all this sounds very space operaish and that sort of thing, and I’m sorry for it, but I am not one to quibble about the truth. This gets in people’s hair every now and then, and I don’t see any point in lying in order to be acceptable. It just doesn’t seem to be a right way to go about things, particularly in the realm of science. I don’t think a scientist should tell a bunch of scientific (quote, unquote) lies in order to be an acceptable scientist. It doesn’t seem to me to be a sensible proceeding.

Space Opera: The Current Situation

A race called the ‘Espinol’ continues to rule our solar system, although they have not had a command post here since 1150 AD (SHSBC lecture number 309 titled ‘The Free Being’). Earth is used by the Espinol as a prison. As described in SHSBC lecture number 317 titled ‘Between Lives Implants’, some of the prisoners sent here are political and much of them are deemed such due to the need to solve overpopulation. People are picked up in droves, ice-cubed and then dropped in the seas here on earth and other planets.

It is likely that the Espinol are either the ‘Forth Invader Force’, or were comprised from remnants thereof. The locations involved in keeping earth a prison planet are described in Hubbard’s ‘SOP8A – The Role Of The Earth’ lecture. Hiding behind a defensive screen, the heart of the implanting operation is located on Mars. So effective at hiding the facility is this defensive screen that it remained unnoticed when the ‘Fifth Invader Force’ entered the solar system. A battalion of the Fifth Invader Force was caught completely unaware when they landed in the Himalayas, being captured and sent off to Mars for implanting only to be returned to earth as humans (this occurred 8,200 years ago).

There are also installations on earth, including installations in Mongoli, in the Pyrenees and in Africa. These pick up people when they die. Thetans have been implanted with a location to seek out after death, and this is part of the controlling mechanism. The process of dying, wiping out memory and implanting the between lives implant, knocking out the GE (genetic entity) and taking over a new body, etc. takes around fifteen minutes. By doing Scientology auditing the hope is to undo the implanting so that the thetan can escape this prison planet of ours. This is the ultimate goal of Scientology.

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